Sunday, February 18, 2007

What is "Swords of Eden"?

Swords of Eden is a blogger based RPG (Role Playing Game) created by Tom Gromacki and is similar to the old dungeons and dragons RPGs of the 70's, but combines modern technology and the internet to the traditional methods of play found in the old dice based RPG's. Unlike most RPG's, Swords of Eden is not only played online by its members, but its also created by them as well. Although similar to World of Warcraft in its global participation, it contains one major difference from all other RPG's in that the game evolves through a system of peer based refinement, in much the same way that wikipedia evolves. Most RPG's are based on a strict set of rules and values that are set in stone by the creaters of the game, and while players may get many options in such games, the options are only available from a preset list created by the authors of those games. In Swords of Eden, the players themselves get to create the games, rules and conditions through a method of peer review. In this way, Swords of Eden is not unlike wikipedia, in that it is an evolving process of information that is submitted and refined constantly by its participants. Swords of Eden is comprised not only of the game play itself, but much like Sim-City, it is also adds elements of personal creation and participation. Said another way, Swords of Eden is a synergy of the following traits;1. Dice based RPG game format, similar to Dungeons and Dragons.2. Global Participation, Similar to World of Warcraft.3. Game evolves though peer review, similar to wikipedia.4. Game allows creation format of game elements, not unlike Sim-City.In this sense, Swords of Eden is kind of like the creation of sliced bread. The guy who invented slice bread didn't invent slicing and he didn't invent bread, he just came up with a great way to put two existing elements together to create something new.This wiki site is dedicated to that process, by allowing a community knowledge base for the Swords of Eden universe that is both readable and amendable by its peers. Here you will find game rules, characters, domains, descriptions and discussions of all things "Swords of Eden". All of this is of course subject to peer review. This site is in essence, a compendium and catalogue of the ever changing and evolving Swords of Eden Universe.Welcome to RPG nerd heaven.Click here for the rules.

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